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Worth Repeating: My Son’s Autism Has Created a Silence Louder than Words

louderthanwords[Source: Globe and Mail]
Some say that deeds speak louder than words, but one can argue that it is only through words that we have a voice and can make our thoughts and intentions palpable. Words have the power to teach, inspire, enrage, comfort and hurt. The right combination can motivate grandiose actions, sway deep-rooted convictions or induce you to buy useless hygiene products.
I am drawn to those who have mastery over language, the articulate wordsmiths who can weave abstract thought into something tangible. I see quick and witty one-liners as a test of personal worthiness, and verbal sparring gives me a cerebral thrill.

For someone who relishes the infinite beauty of words, it was a surprising irony to discover that the greatest love of my life, my son, had none.

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