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Worth Repeating: Stuttering – Are We There Yet?

[Source:  The Stuttering Source]
stutteringsourceBoth parents and speech therapists alike find themselves struggling to decide when therapy is complete for someone who stutters.  Therapy for a child who has difficulty saying their “r”s  has a distinct beginning and end (i.e. when a child meets criterion for 90% accuracy in conversation), however, stuttering is much more variable, by nature.  In fact, once a child reaches the age of 8, it is much more likely that their stuttering is going to persist, in some form.  Does this mean that therapy will continue forever?? The idea of therapy continuing indefinitely is daunting to both the therapist who has to continue to think of new and exciting activities and the parent who has to both make room in their schedule and in their budget!
Preschool aged children:
Many children go through a period of “temporary” disfluency as they begin to place more demands on their language system.  Preschool-aged children often have not developed the negative reactions to disfluencies that play a role in persistent stuttering that we see in older children and adults.  As a result, for a chid this age, it makes sense for a therapist (and parent) to aim to eliminate stuttering.  I believe that a period of stutter-free speech is necessary to warrant dismissal from therapy for a young child (minimal “typical”
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