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Worth Repeating: Tackling Negative Behaviors in Children Who are Non-Verbal and Non-Mobile

[Source:  Complex Child E-Magazine]
Imagine you are a preschooler with cerebral palsy, unable to control your muscle movements or communicate with your voice.  Imagine that on one particular day, your mother dresses you in your purple scratchy dress, even though you hate purple, you don’t like how it feels, and it makes your legs and feet really, really cold.  Since you can’t speak, you can’t let your mother know you are cold, that the dress is scratchy, and that you wanted to wear red overalls.  Because you can’t control your movements, you can’t point to what you want, remove clothing you don’t like, or even get a blanket when you are cold.
What would you do if you were this child?  Most children in this situation would resort to screaming or flailing–or both.  And can we truly blame them?  What other options do they have?
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