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Worth Repeating: The Bottom line on ‘Learning Styles’

[Source:  The Washington Post]
By Valerie Strauss
University of Virginia Professor Daniel Willingham is well known in ed circles for applying cognitive science to K-16 education.  One topic to which he has written and returned  is the notion of different “learning styles” and whether there is any real evidence for them. In 2009, for example, he wrote in a post on this blog:

Researchers have been conducting experiments on learning styles for 50 years. They’ve been tested with the sorts of materials that kids encounter in schools. They’ve been tested with kids diagnosed with a learning disability. There just doesn’t seem to be much evidence that kids learn in fundamentally different ways. This is not to say that all kids are the same, or that all kids should be taught the same way. But it does help us to understand what the source of these differences might be.

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