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Worth Repeating: Why Kids with ADHD Are at Risk for Articulation Disorders

[Source:  Special Ed Post]
by Mark Bertin, M.D.
Why do I have to repeat myself, I told you ten times already.
Out with it already! You better have a better explanation than that.
How was school today? And don’t say ‘nothing much,’ something must have happened.
Managing ADHD is never about addressing attention or impulsivity alone. ADHD represents a deficit in executive function, a skill set that includes attention, impulse control… and far more. Seen as a disorder of self-regulation, ADHD potentially impacts anything that requires planning and coordination, from sleep and eating habits to laying out a long-term science project all the way to how someone speaks and listens in conversation.
Executive function acts as our ‘brain manager’ in coordinating our thoughts, actions and ability to plan. It is responsible for sorting through all the complex information we encounter, from paying attention to the right voice in a classroom to organizing responses in the midst of a rapidly-paced discussion.
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