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Great idea was proposed on Twitter today that we keep track of all the #SLPeeps who are on Pinterest.

How to Participate:  Simply follow the hyperlink at the bottom of this post and add your Pinterest Username (as well as your followed by your #SLPeeps handle) to the comments of the pin.  Elementary classroom teachers are amazing on Pinterest and I think we can modify a ton of their ideas to satisfy speech-language objectives.

How Can We Work Together Once We Are There?  Lets use this board for real back and forth conversation about ideas we find on Pinterest that we want to modify for best practice use, etc.

The Procedure to Introduce a Pin OR any Topic for Discussion:  If you have a pin you want discuss with the #SLPeeps, do one of the following:

1) Post your question on this pin: http://ht.ly/8L718.   We will move the topic to its own pin as soon as we receive it.   OR
2) @mention PediaStaff on the pin you want put in the #SLPeeps Pinterest board

Want to Make Sure you Follow Conversation on the Board?  Follow the hashtag ‘#slpeepsonpinterest” on Twitter.  I will tweet all new pins up for discussion.

Ready to visit the #SLPeeps Pinboard and add your  Username? 

Go to the Master Pin for this #SLPeeps Pinboard HERE

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