SLP Corner: SLPs Needed for Survey – How Do You Use Twitter?

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by Audrey Taylor Klingersmith

Hi SLPeeps and SLP2Bs! A group of us are conducting some preliminary research via survey about how SLPs and SLP students are using Twitter professionally and academically. If you use Twitter at all (even infrequently), we’d love to get your feedback. It’s a pretty quick 14-question survey.

The results will be presented, in conjunction with an expert panel discussion, at the 2013 ASHA Convention on Thursday, November 14th, 3pm-4pm (Session #1090). Presentors and panel members are as follows: Tanya Coyle, Dr. Lisa Durant-Jones, Dr. Brian Goldstein, Mary Huston, and Aubrey Klingensmith, Thank you for your participation!

Take Part in this Survey on Survey Monkey

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