Special Ed Parent’s Corner: The School Holiday Party That Helped Me See Beyond My Son’s Reading Progress

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[Source: Understood.org]

After my son was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia in first grade, my early conversations with his teachers and IEP team were all about the “big stuff.” Evaluation results. Individualized reading instruction. Accommodations. We talked about all the ways to help him catch up, and keep up, with his peers and succeed at school.

We didn’t discuss what I considered the “small stuff”—the daily goings-on at school that weren’t a challenge for him, like recess, assemblies and field trips. These things just weren’t on my radar.

Until they were.

In first and second grade, my son was pulled out for reading every day. That happened while his classmates were also having reading instruction. He also was pulled out for speech-language therapy once a week.

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