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Worth Repeating: Examining Separation Anxiety Disorder in Children

[Source:  Play & Child Therapy Blog] Some young children show signs of anxiety when separated from their parents for any period of time.  Mohacsy (1976) argues that children go through a process of slowly separating from their mother or primary … Continue reading

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Look at What I’m Saying: Engineers Show Brain Depends On Vision to Hear

[Source: Science Daily] University of Utah bioengineers discovered our understanding of language may depend more heavily on vision than previously thought: under the right conditions, what you see can override what you hear. These findings suggest artificial hearing devices and … Continue reading

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Children With Behavioral Problems More at Risk of Inflammation, Health Problems Later in Life

[Source: Science Daily] Children with behavioral problems may be at risk of many chronic diseases in adulthood including heart disease, obesity, diabetes, as well as inflammatory illnesses (conditions which are caused by cell damage). Analyzing data on more than 4,000 … Continue reading

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Robotic Therapy Aids Kids’ Handwriting Skills

[Source:  Science Daily] Researchers from Leeds and Bradford are working with colleagues from the United States to develop an exciting new robotic device that helps children to practice and improve their manual (hand) coordination. The findings of a pilot study … Continue reading

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