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Worth Repeating: 5 Steps to Making the Most of Your Child’s Curiosity

Editor’s Note:  Nice Article to share with the parents/guardians of your kiddos [Source:  I Can Teach My Child] Just recently my five year old daughter could not attend the swimming lessons that were part of her school program due to … Continue reading

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Breastfeeding May Reduce Risk of ADHD in Kids

[Source:  Special Ed Post] by Christie Rizk  Breastfeeding is generally thought to be healthier for newborn babies than bottle feeding. According to a new study published today in Breastfeeding Medicine, breastfeeding may even keep children from developing attention deficit hyperactivity … Continue reading

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Pediatric Therapy Corner: Really Fun Therapy for Kids With Special Needs: It’s Called “Pinball”

[Source:  Love That Max] by Ellen Seidman I haven’t yet been to a therapy center that offers pinball therapy. Max’s occupational therapists have yet to recommend it, though I feel certain they would endorse it. Insurance surely would not pay … Continue reading

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Introducing the “PediaStaff Therapy Placement of the Week”

Editor’s Note:   Welcome to our new weekly feature for our blog -the “PediaStaff Therapy Placement of the Week”     We know you count on PediaStaff for the articles, research, reviews and therapy tips that we share with you on a daily … Continue reading

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Grammar Errors? The Brain Detects Them Even When You Are Unaware

[Source:  Science Daily.com]   Your brain often works on autopilot when it comes to grammar. That theory has been around for years, but University of Oregon neuroscientists have captured elusive hard evidence that people indeed detect and process grammatical errors … Continue reading

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