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PediaStaff Featured Job of the Week: Pediatric Occupational Therapist, Claremont, California

Our client is a center based facility who provides early intervention and school age rehabilitation to children.  Treatment is a collaborative effort involving the child, family, rehabilitation team as well as the child’s educational team. We are seeking a full or … Continue reading

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The Anesthetic Ketamine Can Adversely Affect Children’s Learning and Memory Ability

c [Source:  Medical News Today] Recent studies have found that anesthesia drugs have neurotoxicity on the developing neurons, causing learning and memory disorders and behavioral abnormalities. Ketamine is commonly used in pediatric anesthesia. A clinical retrospective study found that children … Continue reading

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China is Failing Many of Its Disabled Children

[Source:  Care2.com] China’s students routinely score among the highest on international tests, leading the U.S. and other nations to ask, what does the Chinese education system do that we do not? As a just-released report from Human Rights Watch shows, one … Continue reading

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App of the Week: Language & Vocabulary on Sims FreePlay for iPad

[Source: GeekSLP.com] On the Episode #7 of GeekSLP TV recorded in 2010, I talked about my favorite computer game for promoting language skills: The Sims. Since then, EA Games has released the iPad version of the game called Sims Free … Continue reading

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A Unique Pathway Identified in the Human Brain Allows us to Learn New Words

[Source:  Science Daily] For the first time scientists have identified how a pathway in the brain which is unique to humans allows us to learn new words. The average adult’s vocabulary consists of about 30,000 words. This ability seems unique … Continue reading

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