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A Jar Full of Feelings: Sensory Regulation Activity

[Source:  Mosswood Connections] Explaining feelings and emotions to young children can be complicated; especially so for children on the Autism Spectrum. I had been making progress with one of my young students by drawing comic strips and meters but one … Continue reading

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Two Activities to Teach Basics of Emotional Regulation to Kids

[Source: Bounceback Parenting] Teach these two activities to kids and give them essential tools for self regulation and emotional control. This post contains affiliate links – if you purchase through them you are able to support the work of Bounceback Parenting … Continue reading

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OT Corner: The Heavy Backpack Debate – Another Opinion

Editor’s Note:  I found this article very interesting and contrary to AOTA’s official position, please note however, PediaStaff does not endorse or refute this opinion.  We present it for it’s general interest. [Source:  ABC Therapeutics] According to the American Occupational … Continue reading

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Halloween Bat Dice Drawing

[Source:  Your Therapy Source] Here is a simple game that requires paper, pencil and one die.  Player one rolls a die. To start your drawing you must roll a #1. When you roll the #1, you can draw the first … Continue reading

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Second Case of ‘Down Syndrome’ in Chimps

[Source: Science Daily] Japanese researchers have confirmed the second case known to science of a chimpanzee born with trisomy 22, a chromosomal defect similar to that of Down syndrome (or trisomy 21) in humans. The report on Kanako, a 24-year-old … Continue reading

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