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OT Corner: Activities to Improve Oculomotor Dysfunction

[Source:  The OT Toolbox] Oculomotor function refers to the six muscles surrounding each eye.  These muscles work together to produce controlled eye movements.  When there is oculomotor dysfunction evident, a child may have difficulty with depth perception, visual attention, visual … Continue reading

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Studying the Brain’s Suspension System in TBIs

[Source:  Washington University in St. Louis] Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, can be devastating and debilitating. Despite intense interest and years of study, the exact mechanisms linking force and neurological injury remain unclear. Researchers know that the membranes separating the … Continue reading

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School Psych Corner: How to Teach Kids to Say “I’m Sorry” – and Mean it

Editor’s Note:  Thank You, School Psyched, Your School Psychologist for sharing this article with us [Source: Great Schools] I never thought I’d be the kind of mom who forces her kid to apologize. And then the hitting started. When he … Continue reading

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Would You Rather Questions for Spring and Easter

[Source: Minds In Bloom] Would you rather….Have flowers growing out of the top of your head, or…Have butterflies constantly flying in a circle around your head? Would you rather….Have a magic Easter Basket that produces ten chocolate eggs each morning, or…Have … Continue reading

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Fun Hand Strengthening Activities for Kids

[Source:  Your Therapy Source] Looking for some easy, fun ideas for hand strengthening activities for kids that require little to no equipment and no, extensive preparation?  Check out these free sample pages from The Hand Strengthening Handbook.  Who knew you … Continue reading

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