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Experimental Gene Therapy Treatment for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Offers Hope for Youngster

[Source:  Science Daily] Jacob Rutt is a bright 11-year-old who likes to draw detailed maps in his spare time. But the budding geographer has a hard time with physical skills most children take for granted ― running and climbing trees … Continue reading

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Multiple Births Affected By Congenital Anomalies Have Doubled Since The 1980s

[Source:  Medical News Today] The number of congenital anomalies, or birth defects arising from multiple births has almost doubled since the 1980s, suggests a new study published in BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. The study investigates how … Continue reading

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Developmental Delay Alert: Is Mountain Living Dangerous To Your Baby’s Brain?

[Source:  Speech Buddies.com] For children who are born and live in high altitude regions, researchers have discovered a link between extreme altitudes and developmental delays. This may lead to an increased need for speech therapy techniques and practitioners in the … Continue reading

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Guidance on Athletics and Special Ed. Students Draws Sharply Split Response

[Source: Education Week] By Christina A. Samuels A document from the U.S. Department of Education intended to clarify schools’ responsibility to make sure students with disabilities have access to extracurricular sports has drawn sharply different opinions. Disability-rights advocates welcome the … Continue reading

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Fine Motor Activity of the Week: Marshmallow Painted Snowman

[Source:  The Childcareland Blog] Our marshmallow snowmen turned out super cute and the children really enjoyed working with the marshmallows.  We dipped large marshmallows in white paint and pressed the marshmallows up and down (like sponge or stencil painting) on … Continue reading

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