Technology in the News: Tabletop PC Aids Children With Autism, Cerebral Palsy

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Image Credit: Autitouch

Microsoft has found a spot for its Surface multitouch tabletop computer in health care, as occupational therapists have developed applications for pediatric patients with autism and cerebral palsy. Surface is also used in other industries such as retail, hospitality and education. The LCD on the next generation of Surface is 4 inches thick, runs Windows 7 and has a 360-degree interface that allows users to collaborate. The 2.0 version, the Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface, is now available for preorders. Health care organizations will begin deploying them in early 2012. The large display of the new unit, at 40 inches, will be important for kids who need help exercising their limbs, experts say. With Surface’s ability to respond directly to touch, natural hand gestures and physical objects—without a keyboard or mouse—pediatric patients can use their extremities, especially when one side may be impaired due to cerebral palsy.

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