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The Empathy Game: A Free Printable

Editor’s Note:  Thank you to School Psyched, Your School Psychologist for sharing this link with us!

[Source:  Moments a Day]

Summary: A printable empathy game plus prop ideas for making it fun for kids, to practice stepping into someone else’s shoes and develop consideration for others.

“What’s she feeling, sweetheart?”

I am asking my son to stop and think about the way he’s playing with his baby sister.  I can see he doesn’t quite understand what I’m getting at.

“Look at her face, honey.”

She’s struggling to get out of his arms now, and I know a scream is about to erupt…

But he stops tickling her belly and starts to say, “Goo goo, gah gah” in a funny voice instead.  He has realised that she wasn’t enjoying their interaction anymore, so changed the game.

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