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The New Years Family Interview

Editor’s Note:  This would make a GREAT conversation or handwriting practice carryover activity to recommend to your families while they are on break!

[Source:  TeachMama]

No, this post isn’t about picking strawberries, although with how cold and blustery and miserable it was outside today, I surely wish it was warm mid-June, and I had a few pints of fresh strawberries on my kitchen counter.

Rather, it’s about a new tradition we began today–kind of on a whim–that I think will be really cool to keep up with as the years go on.

It had us thinking about and sharing our best memories of last year, lots and lots of our favorite things, and looking ahead to 2022.

After a loooong day of cleaning, organizing, and more cleaning and organizing, we finished our dinner and had ice-cream sundaes for dessert.

While we ate our sweets, we took turns answering questions for our New Year’s Family Interview, and what I realized–or remembered, rather–is that little ones love talking about themselves more than anything else in the entire world. Of course they would love this. . .

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