Pediatric Therapy Corner: Useful Tips for Parents When Helping the Selectively Mute Child

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Reprinted with the express permission of Selective Mutism Group (SMG) as originally published on their website.

By: Lynn Lunceford, Psy.D., Board of Directors, SMG~CAN

This article is formatted as a table and is best viewed in PDF format. Click here to read the entire article

Featured Organization: Selective Mutism Group ~ Childhood Anxiety Network (SMG)

We thank Selective Mutism Group ~ Childhood Anxiety Network for allowing PediaStaff to reprint their article.

Selective Mutism Group (SMG), part of the Childhood Anxiety Network, is the nation’s premier resource for information on Selective Mutism (SM). SMG, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing information, resources and support to those impacted by a child with the anxiety disorder known as Selective Mutism (SM). Visit their website at

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