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Worth Repeating: Clinical Decision Making and Oral Motor Treatments

1st January, 2009

By: Heather Clark, CCC-SLP
Both novice and experienced clinicians may experience confusion, frustration, or both when faced with the inconsistent messages circulating throughout the profession regarding the use of oral motor (OM) treatments. On one hand are the myriad of OM materials and workshops as well as testimonials touting the benefit of using OM treatments; on the other hand are evidence-based practice reviews consistently warning against using these and other untested or unproven treatments.Moreover, even among OM proponents, opinions differ about the rationale for, nature of, and most appropriate application of the various techniques. Because the treatment literature does not provide compelling evidence that OM treatments in general are beneficial, much less when and how OM treatments should be applied, clinicians must rely on other means of determining whether specific strategies may benefit individual clients.
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