Worth Repeating: Language is NOT Just Comprehension and Expression

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[Source:  All Children’s Academy]

Often when we think of a child’s communication skills we think of how well we understand the child’s speech (intelligibility or articulation) and their language skills (receptive and expressive).  There are many components of language other than simply understanding and expressing commands, ideas, and concepts.  These other areas of language are very important to consider during an evaluation as a child gets older and progresses through school.  Language development continues throughout ones life and as we age the form, content, and use of language becomes increasingly important.

The form and content of language are two of the three aspects of language.  The form of language refers to the structural aspect of language, otherwise known as grammar.  Grammar refers to the organization, placement, and relationship of the words used.  It is the “rules” that govern language, and is generally divided into two parts, syntax and morphology.  Syntax refers to the rules that govern how words are used to form sentences.  Knowledge of the English syntactic system enables the speaker to construct and understand novel sentences by correctly sequencing words.

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