AT Corner: Apple vs. Google: Real Winners Are Students with Dyslexia

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by Jamie Martin


You may have noticed a little friendly competition between Apple and Google, the technology giants who are in constant battle to be King of the Hill. During his keynote presentations, Apple’s Tim Cook often jabs at the adoption rate of new versions of Android compared to those of iOS. Google’s inexpensive and versatile Chromebooks are steadily taking over the school market, which once seemed ripe for widespread iPad adoption. Currently, the Apple Watch has slipped past Google Glass as the most intriguing device in the wearables category. The back-and-forth of tech dominance can be dizzying and difficult to follow.

Beyond the corporate rivalry, there is also a divide among consumers. Apple fans swear by any product that is developed in Apple’s ecosphere, while those who have “gone Google” are passionate about less expensive technology that they consider just as functional.

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