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Autism and Walking – What Does the Research Say?

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Walking, often taken for granted, becomes a topic of great interest when observed in the context of disorders such as autism. While many aspects of autism have been extensively studied, the interrelation between autism and walking is still being unraveled. This article aims to shed light on this relationship by delving into the most frequent questions posed on the topic.

Can Autism Cause Walking Problems?  Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) doesn’t directly “cause” walking problems in the traditional sense. However, research suggests that children with ASD often exhibit gait abnormalities when compared to neurotypical peers. For instance, a study utilizing plantar pressure to examine gait found that children with ASD tend to have a more flat-footed contact pattern, increased left-right asymmetry, and larger step-to-step variability. These gait characteristics also seem to correlate with social impairments, indicating a potential association between motor coordination and core autism symptoms (Gong et al, 2020).

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