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Brain Signals Transformed into Speech Through Implants and AI

1st September, 2023

[Source: Science Daily]

Researchers from Radboud University and the UMC Utrecht have succeeded in transforming brain signals into audible speech. By decoding signals from the brain through a combination of implants and AI, they were able to predict the words people wanted to say with an accuracy of 92 to 100%. Their findings are published in the Journal of Neural Engineering this month.

The research indicates a promising development in the field of Brain-Computer Interfaces, according to lead author Julia Berezutskaya, researcher at Radboud University’s Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behavior and UMC Utrecht. Berezutskaya and colleagues at the UMC Utrecht and Radboud University used brain implants in patients with epilepsy to infer what people were saying.

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