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OT Corner: 20 Awesome DIY Fidget Toys

[Source: The Inspired Treehouse]

One of the most challenging things about being a school-based therapist is that we’re often faced with very large caseloads and very limited resources.

The good news is that, as therapists, we are trained to problem solve situations and use what we have on hand to conquer just about any roadblock.  Therapists tend to be creative types!

Some of the most commonly asked-for items in a school setting are fidget tools.  Unfortunately, while the fidgets that are available commercially are awesome, they tend to be not-so-budget-friendly.

So what’s a therapist to do?  Turn on that creative brain and try these ideas for DIY fidget toys!  These ideas include items you can make yourself, or super simple, budget-friendly items you can pick up at the dollar store or grocery store.

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