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OT/Career Corner: Study Tools for the OT Practitioner

[Source:  OTs with Apps]

Preparing for the NBCOT Certification Exam? With June just around the corner, it is time to prepare for the OT exam.  There are a myriad of tools available to study for the OT certification examination. Online resources, exam study books and apps to help prepare. Online tools are not only for studying for the NBCOT Exam but also for many other OT related specialty areas. Study resources can be helpful if you want to update your skills (wonder what the content is in the OT curriculum these days???) or studying for a specialty certification for the practicing therapist.  Here are a few resources readily available for purchase or free!
Most likely most millennial students already know the resources available to them. As a boomer, it is interesting to stumble upon all these tools available to students and practitioners.  I would guess that most boomers are saying, “if only I had that, how much easier it would have been”. While that may be the case, the knowledge base of current OT practice has expanded exponentially since my college days ! There are many new areas of practice with evidence based also an important focus of practice. Yes, many changes!

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