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DIY Sensory Crash Mat

Editor’s Note:  Thank you to the Sensory Spectrum for recommending this post!!
[Source:  Kids Activity Blog via The Sensory Spectrum]
A sensory crash mat is a body pad that can be used like a bean bag to increase sensory input and help kids {and adults} increase proprioceptive awareness and decrease over-reaction to sensations over time.   A crash mat needs to be big enough to lay on or fall into and deep enough that no part of the body ever hits the floor.

I started with the cheapest futon cover I could find online. I couldn’t find the one I used, but here are some inexpensive choices in a ton of colors {affiliate link}.
I then went to a local foam company {Yes!  There was one down the street I found after some Googling}.
The difficult part was to figure out how many foam blocks the futon cover would need.  I did some calculations that I basically needed three levels of blocks – give or take a few – to assure that no part of the body was touching the floor.
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