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Gross Motor Activity of the Week: Buggy Imitation

[Source: The Inspired Treehouse]
We love listening to kids playing with their dolls and action figures – the sound of pretend play is music to our ears!  We are going “buggy” today with an activity that lets kids use all of those pretend play skills to be bugs!  Some of our favorite games for kids are ones that combine motor skills with play – come pretend with us with this fun activity!

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: Bug picture template

WHAT TO DO: Warm up with this butterfly core workout! Have the children pretend to be in a “cocoon” and then blossom into a “butterfly”, waking up those belly and back muscles! For the cocoon, the children will lie on their backs and curl up tight into a ball, wrapping their arms around their legs as they bring them to their chest (see above). Every body part is in flexion in this position. See if they can hold their “cocoons” for 20 seconds before relaxing. Next, they will pretend to blossom into butterflies. While lying on their bellies, have them lift their arms and legs up off the floor, like they’re flying (see below). Don’t forget to lift the head too, looking forward! Every body part is in extension in this position. Have them hold their “butterflies” for 20 seconds before relaxing.

Now the kids are ready to try acting like other kinds of bugs! Print out the bug picture template and cut out each one so they’re each on their own card. Have the children pick a card and imitate the movement with their bodies – a real motor planning challenge! Make sure they move around the room as a bug would!


  • Play the adorable song Bumblebee” (Buzz, Buzz) song by Lori Berkner while the children are moving and have them freeze when you stop the music and go when the music plays again.
  • If motor planning is a challenge, show the children how each bug would move and allow them to attempt to copy your movements with their bodies.
  • If playing with several children, place the bug pictures on the ground and turn the game into a variation of musical chairs! Have the kids move like one of the bugs and stop on a bug picture when the music pauses, removing one bug each turn until there is one winner at the end!

SKILL AREAS ADDRESSED: Trunk stability, motor control, gross motor skills, sensory integration
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