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OT Corner: Teaching Kids How to Use Glue

[Source: The Inspired Treehouse]

If you’ve worked with or lived with young kids, you’re familiar with this scene…

You find a new craft on Pinterest that you know your little ones will love.  You head to the craft store, gather up the supplies, and round everybody up at the kitchen table to get started.

Everyone is enjoying themselves – cutting, coloring, painting.  And then, it’s time for the glue.  “It’s ok,” you think.  “This time, I’m just going to let it go.  If she makes a huge mess…no big deal.  I’m not going to freak out.”

And then it happens.  The giant glue puddle.

At first, it stays on her paper but gradually, it starts running off of the paper and onto the table.  And before long, there’s a glue waterfall dripping over the edge of the table onto the floor – and you just can’t be the cool mom/laid back teacher/relaxed therapist one moment longer.

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