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Pediatric Therapy Corner: Visuals {Make It Easy & Accessible}

[Source: Autism Helper]
My biggest advice regarding the use of visuals for children with autism – MAKE IT EASY. Don’t bother wasting your time making all these great visuals if you are never going to use them. And you are never going to use them if they aren’t readily accessible. When’s the last time you saw a child hitting another child but thought – wait, let me go over to my desk and get the no hitting visual while this child gets pummeled. Nope. You need them at your finger tips.
Place visuals where you need them.

  • Post important visuals around room.
  • Keep a folder of all visuals you need in a central location.
  • Use visuals for those more “subtle” or embedded rules.
  • Most students should “know” that they need to stand and wait by the door but they may need an additional visual cue.

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