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PT Corner: Movement And Learning

[Source: Starfish Therapies]

As physical therapists, we are constantly assessing the gross motor abilities of infants and children. We know that during the first year of life, there is a range of when the big milestones may be achieved and that the emergence of motor skills is dependent on many factors. So, why are we so concerned with how much a baby moves in that first year?

Movement is the first way that infants can access their world and gain experiences from the objects and people who surround them. We view movement as not just a way to get from one place to another but as a way to LEARN! Through moving, whether it be kicking, rolling, or crawling, infants are able to explore their environment, which may include toys, different textures, and perhaps other infants or play mates. Movement is teaching an infant about cause and effect as well as giving them an awareness about their body. Cause and effect is such an important concept as it promotes repetition and LOTS of practice/repetition is how infants master motor skills.

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