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Seating Systems for Children with Special Needs

1st January, 2008

All material Copyright © IGAP, Institute for Innovations in Healthcare and Applied Nursing Science
This article is reprinted with the express permission of ExoMotion
By: Kathrin Brinks,OT and Edited By: IGAP – Institute for Innovations in Healthcare and Applied Nursing Science
A note from the Author:
I would like to address this information brochure especially to those wanting to gain insight into the supply of assistive
technology or seating systems for children with special needs. Informing the parents is of particular importance to me here.
Choosing the right seating device often is a complex decision for both parents and experts. Many different facets must be considered.
It often is the case that several parties must agree on this issue. Parents do perhaps have another opinion or idea as
the doctor or therapist, the supply has to be arranged with the medical store, carried out to anybody’s satisfaction, and in most of the cases the costs have to be covered by health insurance.
This handbook shall help all persons involved in the supply of seating systems to better understand this complex subject.
Certainly, the basic information does apply also for the supply of other assistive technology (e.g. walking or standing aids).
As the sub title of this brochure “The best position is the next one” indicates, we of the IGAP Institute would also like to see
that the idea of dynamic but at the same time stable sitting is considered when supplying children with assistive technology
in general and seating systems in particular.
We would like to sharpen your senses to assess which cases require rigid and purely passive sitting, and why it is worth
considering other possibilities, as well.
Enjoy reading this brochure. I hope some of the information will be helpful for your continued work with children having
special needs. , Kathrin Brinks, OT, Director of Pediatrics of the IGAP Institute.
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