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Selective Attention Test Activity and Book Recommendation "The Invisible Gorilla and Other Ways our Intuition Deceives Us"

Editor’s Note: This is a great activity that demonstrates the “illusion of attention. ”  It wasn’t designed to be used with kids but it is really terrific.  I would say for 3rd graders and up.  According to the authors of this experiment, about 50% of the people who take this ‘test’ answer NO to the question posed at the end. Apparently, there is little correlation with IQ either.  I wonder if our ADD/Gifted/Special kiddos who have hyperfocus issues would do compared to general population?
Interestingly enough, the book that features this experiment (“The Invisible Gorilla”) speaks of several other “illusions” including the ‘illusion of cause.’   In that chapter he uses the vaccine/autism “connection” to demonstrate that a small number of emotionally charged anecdotes will sway people towards a belief in a causal connection between things despite scientific evidence to the contrary.  An entire chapter of the book is devoted to this issue and even mentions Jenny McCarthy and Andrew Wakefield.   If you have an interest in cognitive psychology, check out the book!
How might one use this test with gifted/special kids? Post your suggestions below in our comments area!

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