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Sensory Corner: 7 Tips for a Sensory Friendly 4th of July

16th June, 2021

[Source: Pathways for Autism]

Spending time outside, parades, barbeques, fireworks. Doesn’t that remind you of a perfect 4th of July? Well for some kids, the 4th of July means being overly hot, crowds of people, feeling overwhelmed, and loud noises.

That’s a lot for your senses to take in. Use these tips to make the day a little less overwhelming.

Count Down – Make a calendar with your kids and cross out days leading up to the 4th. This helps prepare them by letting them know something different is coming up, but it’s exciting.

Talk It Out – Let them know about your plans as much as possible. If your kiddo is older try to let them know how long you expect things to take. Let them know that the parade might be an hour and the ride to the party will be a half an hour or longer with traffic. Talking to your child about what plans can help them feel better about what is in store for them.


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