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PT Corner: 6 Things Parents Should Know About Core Stability and the Development of Movement

[Source: HeartSpace PT]


1. Core stability is not created by the strength a muscle.

New research over the past 20 years has taught us that core stability is not equal to the strength of stomach or back or hip muscles. Because we now understand that core stability has as much to do with the brain as it has to do with the muscles, we no longer think of it as a strength issue.

2.  Core stability is a little more complicated than we thought.

This same research has taught us that core stability has to do with groups of muscles (that’s the muscle part) and the order in which they work (that’s the brain part). Sometimes which muscles turn on depends on the direction we are moving but sometimes it doesn’t – this is where things get a little complicated.  Fortunately, because we have a new understanding of how core stability works, we also have a new way to help children develop it.

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