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PT Corner: Run, Run, Run As Fast As You Can!

[Article and Image Source:  HeartSpacePT]


A few weeks ago I had occasion to assess a lovely little girl. Her mom had several concerns one of which was her incoordination during running.  I noted that there were difficulties with alignment in all positions/activities (pelvis and rib cage tending to stabilize at end range rather than display mid-range control) and this was interfering with her recruitment of the anticipatory core team for central stability as well as several reactive core synergists for movement (for more info, please refer to A New Operating System and You Can’t Have One Without the Other).  I also observed during walking that there was slight decreased mid-range control of her femur during both stance and swing; it tended to drift just a little into adduction.  As I watched her run, I made some observations and of course, took a

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