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PT Corner: W-Sitting…The Debate Continues

[Source: Inspired]

We recently came across the article entitled Why W-Sitting Is Really Not So Bad for Kids, After All on and we felt compelled to respond.

As pediatric therapists, we have treated hundreds of kids and we have seen hundreds more in classrooms who are w-sitters.  We even wrote a post about w-sitting and it has been one of our most popular posts to date here at The Inspired Treehouse.   We did not write that post as an “ominous” warning to parents but, instead, as a way to educate parents/caregivers/teachers on this fairly common childhood sitting pattern.

While w-sitting can be a completely normal part of childhood, it can also be a sign of underlying issues.  As mentioned in the article, normal, internal rotation of the leg bones can be a “cause” of w-sitting.  We agree that this medical condition known as femoral anteversion can be a reason that children w-sit.  Because of their already turned-in bone structure, this position is certainly more comfortable for some kids.

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