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Sensory Activity of the Week – Tactile Matching!

[Source: the Tutus & Turtles Blog via Pinterest & Instagram]

One of the best things about taking PediaStaff to Instagram so far has been the chance to go back through some of our best pins on Pinterest – especially those that are explained well with a single photo – and re-feature them on Instagram.

Here is one of our all-time favorites:
Tactile Matching! —  Use a funnel to fill balloons with pantry items of varying textures (rice, sugar, lentils, pumpkin seeds, small pearl tapioca, flour, coffee beans) Have kiddos use sense of touch to pair off matching balloons while also trying to identify their contents. Kids will have great time with funnel, so include them in that part too if you have time!
Special Shout-out to the Tutus and Turtles Blog for this wonderful idea!  Show them you like this idea by visiting and subscribing to their blog!!

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