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SLP Corner: 10 Ways Children With Language Disorders Can Maintain Both Physical Distance and Social Connection

[Source: The ASHA Leader Blog]

Social distancing—or more accurately, physical distancing—is now our way of life. As difficult as it is, it’s our new normal, at least for the short term Even with physical distance, we find ways to connect socially. We call or use video chats to stay in touch with friends and family, email jokes or stories, and post on social media. Other community activities continue virtually: worship services, fitness classes, concerts, and more. We discover ways to maintain social distance without losing social connections.

Children with language disorders, however, find social interactions challenging in the best of times. So physical distancing can potentially aggravate their communication issues. They won’t have as many chances to practice social communication skills with a range of communication partners in a variety of school and community settings. Physical distance, though, doesn’t have to mean social distance—even for children with language disorders.

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