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SLP Corner: Data Collection Made Easier

[Source;  Doyle Speech Works]

I’m a “tally-er.” I’ve always kept my student data using a given-correct model using tally marks. That’s the way I was taught to do it in 1980 and that’s the way I’ve done it up until this school year. New year, new strategy. I’ve noticed those, ahem, younger than me using a plus-minus data collection system. I can see the advantages, so I thought I would try it. Problem is, I’ve found myself having to count all the pluses, subtract the minuses, divide the correct by the given to get my percentage, and oh boy, it’s no time saver. I also use mailing labels when working with groups. I’ve also seen people use sheets of paper with boxes for multiple trials and I thought that might be helpful, but again what about my label system?

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