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SLP Corner: Finding the Research

[Source: Speech Adventures]

by Mary Huston, MS, CCC-SLP


“You are either part of the problem – or part of the solution…If you’re not an active part of the solution you are, by default, a part of the problem.” M.E.Huston. Yep. I’m quoting myself, how narcissistic is that? (Guess what, I didn’t really quote myself. Apparently I misquoted Eldridge Cleaver.)  However, in this case, it absolutely applies. Let me explain.

A few weeks ago, I published a post about pseudoscience and the unfortunate (but true) trend we seem to be experiencing within speech-language pathology of sliding down pseudoscience’s slippery slope.
One of the ongoing excuses I heard was that the SLPs just weren’t sure where to find good evidence. Obviously there are the ASHA Journals, but for whatever reason, many SLPs don’t avail themselves to ASHA and it’s wealth of information. So, since I try very hard to offer solutions to the problems I point out, I thought I’d best share some alternatives to ASHA.

Of course, as always, you must read and interpret the research yourself. While there are many places where a quick “synopsis” is available, they are not always accurate…mistakes do happen after all. So, here they are…in no particular order.

SpeechBITE. SpeechBITE is a database of intervention studies. Created in 2008 by a team of SLPs at the University of Sydney (interestingly enough they created it because they wanted easier access to good research!). I strongly suggest you check it out…and if you are so moved, donate a bit to the site to help offset expenses.

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