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Articulation Chants for Speech Therapy

[Source: Crazy Speech World]

Confession time…I’m a terrible singer.  Like, turrible.  But I don’t let that stop me  (Follow your dreams, people) from belting out my own little diddies and dance moves in my therapy sessions. Why?  Mostly because it draws attention and makes my students laugh.  But also, I know that movements and chants and rhymes can all help my students engage and learn.  Like the kind of learning that sticks.  Let’s take a look at some research:

  • Silberg and Schiller (2002), “All it takes to unleash the power of rhymes, songs, poems, finger-plays, chants, and tongue twisters is to have fun. And while children are having fun, they will also learn listening skills, vocabulary, and humor” (p. 12).  Did they say LISTENING SKILLS AND VOCABULARY AND HUMOR?  Hello, speech therapy.  
  • The brain actively develops strategic thinking behaviors to make sense of the world (Medina, 2008).  Strategic thinking is what we desperately want out kids to be doing, helping them learn in a way that makes sense to them.

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