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Career Corner: Interview Question to Be Prepared For — What Tests and Assessments Have You Used?

7th September, 2022

Interviews can be anxiety provoking.    Most professionals preparing for “the big day” have heard how useful it is to role play the interview ahead of time with a friend or family member to get comfortable talking about themselves.   That part of the interview preparation process might seem obvious to you.    Less obvious perhaps is that it is great preparation to brainstorm questions that you might be asked by the potential manager, supervisor or even future colleague that you meet.   That said, here are some suggestions of questions you might want to be prepared to answer:

  • What tests/assessments do you have experience with? How will you handle a situation when a standardized assessment doesn’t go as planned?
  • What alternatives to standardized assessments are there that you like or have used? How have you adapted testing situations when a child cannot be tested with a “standardized” instrument?
  • What testing materials have you used? Do you recognize these (you may be shown some they use there)?

    For More Interview Tips, Check out “Interview Like a Pro,” the PediaStaff Interview Guide

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