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Department of Ed to Consider Legislation for Dyslexia Testing

[Source: Special Ed Post]
State lawmakers have an opportunity to make sure all public school students have an equal opportunity.
A package of bills focusing on testing and interventions for children with dyslexia is now under consideration in the Legislature.
The measures are simple, straightforward and should be easily implemented by the state Department of Education.
For instance, they would require early screening tests for dyslexia as well as training for teachers on recognizing dyslexia and appropriate interventions.
First, though, one bill would require a universal definition and understanding of dyslexia in the state education code. As it now stands, dyslexia is categorized dyslexia is categorized one of the specific learning disabilities that may impair the ability to understand or use language, or perform mathematical calculations. However, the state regulations don’t specifically define dyslexia.
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