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Pediatric Therapy Corner: The Top 10 Tips For Purchasing An Adaptive Bike

[Source:  Friendship Circle]
We all remember our first bike, in fact, it’s one of the best parts about being a kid! Bikes give kids their own sense of freedom, pride and self assurance they just don’t get in the same way in other areas. In addition to the fun, it’s great socialization with friends, family and peers.
It goes without saying that kids with special needs are no different. In fact, an adaptive bike may even be more important as so many avenues available to other kids to socialize and exercise aren’t as available for a children with limited mobility.
Adaptive bicycles are a wonderful addition for an active outdoors family, because it truly allows for everyone to be included! We’re hoping to shed a little more light onto the subject of adaptive bicycles and how to choose one, we’ve found it can be quite daunting to parents. The term, Adaptive Bicycle and Tricycle are used interchangeably since all adaptive bicycles have a 3 wheel frame to increase the base of support.
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