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Six Children’s Books on Diversity and Acceptance of Self and Others

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Have a child, grandchild or student who is not coping well because he feels different from his friends and classmates? So often children feel they are “different” than their peers. Whether it is a perception or a reality that one doesn’t fit in, it can be a painful experience. These children must be listened to and supported and discussing the following books would be very helpful.
Are you working with children and would like a resource to help them understand the hurt they cause when they tease or shun another because of a physical difference, a personality difference, or a disability? Sometimes children are not accepted and ignored because of their clothes, their accent, their personal interests,and other things way out of their control like having a sibling who is different. The bullies must also be helped and understanding children with special needs or who are different in any way is the first step to acceptance.
We suggest teachers, librarians, day care staff, and parents read and discuss with children the following six books reviewed and recommended by Special Needs Book Review.
Learn About and Read These Six Books Reviews

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