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SLP Corner: 5 Analogies to Help Your Speech Therapy Students Better Understand the Importance of Home Practice

home practice
by Erik X. Raj
It’s a cliche saying, but it’s one that’s absolutely true: Practice. Makes. Perfect! Over the last few months, I’ve been putting a lot of thought into how I can better encourage my speech therapy students to actually practice their speech at home. The reason why is because (and you know this) the more a student practices at home, the faster he will meet those goals and objectives. And the more she practices at home, the stronger her communication abilities will get. So, how can I help them to better understand this?
Practice makes perfect.
Trust me, I’ve told students on my caseload “practice makes perfect” over and over again. I’ve even contemplated getting that sentence tattooed on my forehead because I’ve said it that often. Well, the tattoo thing might be pushing it, but you know what I mean, right? I say it and I say it, and yet, an overwhelming majority of my students don’t feel the need to practice at home. Why?
My friend Jen to the rescue!
I have a good buddy named Jen Ernst (Hi Jen!). She is a fantastic SLP and this past summer she and I were chatting about my little dilemma. Then, like the SLP superstar that she is, she threw some amazing advice my way that seriously blew my mind. She told me to think basketball.
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