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Social Skills Corner: Thinking With Your Eyes—Social Skills Lesson

[Source: Chapel Hill Snippets]
I have the most adorable social skills group ever!  The group consists of five students ranging from third to fifth grade with various needs, but all of the kids are capable of accessing the regular curriculum.   This group’s social skills curriculum is totally centered around Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking materialsWhole body listening is an integral component.  Today we focused on ‘Thinking with your eyes’. 

First, the kids looked at photos of kids who either were or were not thinking with their eyes.  These are easily found on Google.  (Do a search on ‘kids not paying attention’.)

Second, the kids watched a video of adults walking around in a city.  (ALL adults need to watch this!) Grownups walking by a gorilla totally missed it due to hyperfocus on their phones.

My students grasped how not ‘thinking with their eyes’ caused them to miss major events.
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