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Worth Repeating: What Everyone Should Know About Cerebral Palsy

[Source:  Huffington Post]
by Ellen Seidman
What does it really mean to have cerebral palsy? Until I had a child with CP, I had no clue that it affects every person differently. As with any human, kids and adults with CP are as unique as their thumbprints.
In honor of National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day (today!), I asked parents of kids with CP and adults who have it to share what they wish people knew about the condition. This is what they had to say.
One thing I really wish people got about cerebral palsy is…
“There are different types, and they don’t all affect people the way you think they do (i.e., when I was a kid, I though CP was always spastic quad in a wheelchair).” — Janet C.
“My son’s motor and speech impairments don’t mean he ‘can’t’ — he can get the same end result but in a different way.” — Theresa S.
“Our kiddos aren’t so fragile, don’t be afraid to talk to them or treat them like a ‘normal’ healthy kid. They have more love and wisdom than you could ever imagine!” — Melly B.
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