Worth Repeating: Getting Off To The Right Start: Ten Tips To Make Sure Your Child’s IEP Is Ready To Go On Day One

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We thank Apraxia Kids for directing us to this article.  It was written for parents but is an excellent resource for therapists to share with their kiddos.

[Source] Great Schools

Remember that IEP you so carefully crafted back in the spring for your child’s new school year? Don’t look now, but summer’s almost over, and it’s time to find that IEP, dust if off, and make sure that his team is ready to go on the first day of school.

Often parents find that the school is in fact not ready to implement the IEP on that first day, and they are told to “give us a few weeks to get things set up.” That might be fine for some kids, but for others it might start their school year off on a bad note that takes even more time to recover from.

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