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Worth Repeating: Visual Perceptual Activities – Depth Perception

[Source:  Kids in Motion]
Does your child struggle with following an appropriate gait pattern when walking up or down stairs? Does your child experience difficulty when reaching for the monkey bars or trapeze bar in the playground? Does your child have difficulty when reaching for clothing or other items on closet shelves at height level? Does your child often trip when stepping over the curb while crossing the street? Does your child have difficulty reaching for toys floating in the water when  playing in the bathtub? Does your child overreach at mealtime while reaching for food and when feeding himself?  If your child struggles during any of these daily tasks, there may be an underlying depth perception issue. Here are some activities to which can increase your child’s depth perception:
Depth perception : Ability to determine how far away something is from yourself or another object. Depth perception is used for walking, playing games such as baseball, dressing, eating, grooming,  etc. example: ability to judge how steep a stair is before you take a step.
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